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Custom Outdoor Lighting & Sound Systems

 Concept72 by Steph Tanguay


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Outdoor Lighting Design

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Full Concierge Service

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Outdoor Sound System


The Concept is the starting point of any project. It is the vision that will lead the transformation of your outdoor space into your own personal sanctuary. While walking through your yard, Steph will draw on his extensive experience in implementing a vast array of projects and create awareness of the options for your property.



Concept72 will work with you to identify the concept that best suits your budget and functional requirements while suggesting key materials or systems to properly assess the preliminary cost estimates. Based on the preferred landscape design concept, we prepare a scaled schematic design illustrating the proposed improvements and transformations, either as pure concept drawings (not to scale) or 2D / 3D professional, to scale plans.

Initial Consultation

Site visit & client meeting to gain clarity of the existing property and the family's expectations Outline possible ideas for the use of space and potential experiences that can be created Provide a clear understanding of the functional potential of the outdoor living areas Outline possible services we can provide, detailing our unique approach and impeccable track record High level discussions regarding budgets, scope of work and potential phases


AOLP Lighting Awards Finalist


Luxury Outdoor Living

For over 35 years, Steph Tanguay, the founder of Concept72, has designed & built luxurious outdoor landscapes in the Montreal region. 


Motivated by a love for the outdoors and a passion for conceiving spaces that create meaningful experiences and lasting memories, Concept 72 will help you define and create your perfect outdoor living space.

Concept 72 offers high-end turn-key outdoor living solutions. Three decades of project management married with unparalleled attention to detail and enduring style that always surpass expectations.

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