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Concept 72 Wants To Partner With Great Contractors Looking To Bring Light & Sound To Their Client's Outdoor Living Spaces

Concept 72 partners with contractors to help them expand their product offering to include Architectural and Outdoor Lighting as well as All-Weather Outdoor Entertainment Systems.


We are looking to take on new partners to offer our services to more home owners across Quebec.

Security, Safety & Aesthetics


The three main purposes of landscape lighting are Security, Safety and Aesthetics, and a trained professional will consider all three of these before designing a new project. 

Design & Installation

We create custom architectural and landscape lighting systems using multiple techniques.

  • Uplighting

  • Wash lighting

  • Path lighting

  • Down / moonlighting

  • Tread lighting

  • Side & back lighting

  • Graze lighting

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.05.52

For almost 30 year, I owned and operated Greenteam Landscaping, an outdoor maintenance and project management company.


Five years ago, I launched Concept 72 by Steph Tanguay to pursue my interest in Architectural & Outdoor Lighting, as well as outdoor all-weather Entertainment Systems.

One of the crowning touches of a perfectly executed outdoor landscape scene, both visually and functionally, is the addition of of well thought out and executed light and sound system. We design and build with consideration of the unique features of each property, the lifestyle of the home owner, the quality of the products and installation process we employ, with an emphasis on extending and enhancing the usefulness of our customers property across all seasons and well into the night.

We believe that being able to offer these finishing-touch services to your customers will complete and enhance your projects.

Contact us:

Steph Tanguay


(click here to send us a quick message)

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.36.32


These ACOUSTISCAPE speakers bring a new dimension to outdoor audio. Designed to blend in with the landscape, they produce wonderful, rich sound with an amazing amount of volume.

Flexible mounting options and amplification requirements make them an ideal choice for almost any outdoor installation. Robust and weatherproof, these speakers will stand up to all kinds of weather conditions to give you years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Sub-Terrain Sub-Woofer

This Sub-Terrain’s exclusive soft curve cap projects incredible sound throughout the surrounding area rather than sending it back into the ground like other underground subs.



With its smaller footprint, we don’t have to rip up half the yard to plant the Sub-Terrain. This system has an optimized performance with it’s size so you can enjoy big, booming sound from a convenient source discretely hidden in your landscape.


The Amplifier


This CDi Series amplifier is a professionally built for installed sound applications. The series includes four models which are identical except for output power: CDi 1000, CDi 2000, CDi 4000, and CDi 6000.


Rugged and lightweight, and offer unmatched value in their class. The model of amp is decided once the Outdoor System is designed.


All- Weather All-Year Outdoor Televisions

We offer the 4K HDR outdoor Television for outdoor spaces. Up to 50% brighter than indoor TVs for improved viewing from all angles.


Architectural Lighting 

Outdoor Mood Lghting

All-Season Audio

Al-Weather Televisions and Surround Sounds

Heat Lamps

Mobile App Controlled Landscapes & Sound Profiles

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