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  • Steph Tanguay

Hot Outdoor Design Trends

A recent survey identifies the top three outdoor design elements, and five most popular features of each.

Outdoor living spaces for entertaining and relaxing will be in high demand during 2015, according to the Residential Landscape Architect Trends survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects in January-February 2016.

The survey gathered responses from 179 landscape architecture professionals across North America who specialize in residential design, and asked them to rate the expected popularity of outdoor design elements as well as popular features for each.

One thing is for sure, in the Outdoor Living design world things are progressing nicely, as they have for the past 6 or 7 years.

Landscape renovation projects have evolved tremendously. Its not about simply building a deck or adding paver-stone patios and repaving the driveway or walkways.

The days of just having a green lawn cut with straight lines or on an angle like a ball park or a garden with a few nice colorful flowers are gone.

No more little table and chairs sitting in the back yard where you last moved it when cutting the grass. The old ways people viewed and used their properties is long gone.

Today’s  home owner puts a new demand on the Outdoor Living design Market that calls for custom-built Outdoor Living Spaces equipped with ponds, kitchens , water features, lighting, sound,Weather proof TV”s and fire pits etc.

Swimming pools are transforming from in ground boring shapes to pools with infinity edges that fade into the horizon.

Each new project is getting much more personal, reflecting specific style, taste and how people want to experience their properties.

Ultimately Outdoor living design for rooms, spaces and areas are becoming a continuation of peoples indoor lifestyle. They are custom made with the personalized preferences of the individual and the borders between the inside and the outside is becoming more blurred.

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