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Concept72 is Bringing Sound to your Outdoor Living Space

These days, homeowners and designers seem to prefer that their audio and video systems blend into a room, concealing the system, so that the design is what stands out – not the entertainment system.

The same can be said for Outdoor Living spaces. Nothing ruins a landscape like bulky speakers from an Outdoor Sound System. Concept72 has a unique system that keeps aesthetics and incredible sound in mind when designing and installing Outdoor Sound Systems.

The planning stage is important when creating the sound ambiance desired in any Outdoor Living area

Since there are no walls to reflect sound, getting proper sound in wide-open spaces can be tricky.

Unlike a controllable indoor space, there are no ceilings or walls to reflect sound.

The great outdoors also comes with its own soundtrack in the form of wind, lawnmowers, barking dogs, etc.

Good quality outdoor speakers are built with these factors in mind and include features that enhance sound quality such as high power handling and low frequency response for excellent bass.

Most importantly, however, outdoor speakers are built tough and are tested under extreme weather conditions to ensure a long and happy life.

A solid and rigorously tested brand like the one Concept72 utilizes, will not only work under extreme temperatures, but our entire system is designed to protect all components against rain, snow, dust, dirt, creepy crawlers and other backyard and patio elements.

The size and number of speakers used varies for each property based on the game plan of each site. Sometimes more than 1 sub woofer is also used.


These ACOUSTISCAPE speakers bring a new dimension to outdoor audio. Designed to blend in with the landscape, they produce wonderful, rich sound with an amazing amount of volume.

Flexible mounting options and amplification requirements make them an ideal choice for almost any outdoor installation. Robust and weatherproof, these speakers will stand up to all kinds of weather conditions to give you years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Sub-Terrain Sub-Woofer

This Sub-Terrain’s exclusive soft curve cap projects incredible sound throughout the surrounding area rather than sending it back into the ground like other underground subs.

With its smaller footprint, we don’t have to rip up half the lawn to plant the Sub-Terrain. This system has an optimized  performance with it’s size so you can enjoy big, booming sound from a convenient source discretely hidden in your landscape.

The Amplifier

This CDi Series amplifier is a professional tool designed and built for installed sound applications.

The series includes four models which are identical except for output power: CDi 1000, CDi 2000, CDi 4000, and CDi 6000. All are rugged and lightweight, and offer unmatched value in their class. The model of amp is decided once the Outdoor System is designed

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