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Quebec has toughest rules on pool fencing in Canada

Quebec has the strictest law in Canada regulating fences around backyard pools. That is a fact. The mandate requires that every pool installed after 2010 be enclosed on all four sides. From a safety perspective this leap forward. From an aesthetic perspective, this can be challenging.

“At Concept 72, we love to use a good quality invisible glass fence,” explains owner Steph Tanguay. “While the glass is serving the safety purposes it is elegant without interfering with the line of sight. It can almost be forgotten, making it more attractive for my clients and their guests. It also helps to cut the wind inside the pool area. ”

The glass itself which again have different levels and degrees of being “tempered” is an important factor when choosing your fence. The thickness from 8 ml to 12 ml are also what suppliers play with to lower price.

Using an upscale grade of stainless steel makes all the difference for the standoffs, or hardware holding the glass in place. These are bolted to a solid surface and can tarnish. The grade and quality of the stainless steel they are made of is what makes the difference.

“Many companies use more expensive hardware with a lesser grade of steel,” he explained. “The hardware (bolts, standoff’s, hinges, etc.) are the largest part of the price tag of any glass railing project. It is important to use the best as to extend the life of the fence. Using “316” stainless is the top of the line and will look sharp forever.”

Concept 72 treats glass fences in a unique way. Each glass fence or railing is custom to the project.

“We build a formed concrete curb under the pave or hard surface that will act as my anchor when the standoffs are bolted to the ground,” Tanguay continued. “Each length of glass ( we only use 12 ml) is laser measured and custom cut to fit my predetermined section. It is a process that is well worth the effort.”

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