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In 1986, Steph Tanguay founded Greenteam Landscaping and built it into one of Quebec’s largest landscaping firms. Over the 28 years running Greenteam, Steph built valuable relationships with most of Montreal’s landscaping and outdoor living specialists. He has worked on several thousand properties and has seen first hand what works and what doesn’t in the harsh Canadian climate. His rare ability to envision clients’ properties before they are transformed is something that clients particularly appreciate.

In October, 2014, Steph decided to make a change to follow his passion, and sold Greenteam to build a new company based on a passion for the outdoors and a desire to help create meaningful and lasting memories for each and every customer. Concept 72 offers service in exterior architectural lighting and outdoor sound systems.

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Steph Tanguay:

Owner & Outdoor Lighting Designer

Concept 72 has been 51 years in the making. Born in 1972, founder Stephan (Steph) Tanguay has always had a passion for esthetics and attention to detail. His unique drive for creating stunning, peaceful, yet functional outdoor living spaces has separated him from the pack.

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Aidan Mcmullan:

Outdoor Lighting Installer & Crew Leader

Aidan has been a part of the Concept 72 for over 5 years. With a background in Building Engineering, he has a keen eye for detail and is characterized by being a perfectionist. Nothing is overlooked and he ensures success with each project.

Katrina Mcmullan:

Outdoor Lighting Installer

From trenching to burying wires to connect the transformers to the lights, Savannah does it all! A lover of the outdoors, she takes pride in her work to ultimately achieve the best results with outdoor lighting and sound systems.

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Nicholas Gagnon:

Outdoor Lighting Installer

Nick brings an incredible personality but best of all, a humbling work ethic. Passionate about landscape and creating architectural lighting experiences, he isn't afraid to go the distance when it comes to ensuring the best quality possible. 

Proud member of AOLP
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